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Fight to Save Your Garden

July 7, 2018
Hey everyone, I am Cathy Harris, a Speaker, Author and Coach, from Austin, TX and at 61 I recently embarked on an idea to show my audience in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s that they too could grow their own foods in their backyards.

I have been growing foods for one year and now I am a “Gardening Coach”. I recently almost lost my entire garden, 3 raised beds, to a fungus that I believe I got from buying ‘ready-made’ Compost Tea from a gardening center so in the future I will make my own Compost Tea.
All my foods, Swiss Chard, Peppers, Cucumbers, Spinach, Watermelons, Cantaloupes and Honeydew Melons, except for the Tomatoes and the Sweet Potatoe Slips, were grown from seeds and I do this to avoid diseases because many transplants that you buy might also have a disease on it.
I see so many people online being discouraged and even throwing out their plants when they get a disease, but check out what I did to save my garden on the video below:
Green Thumb at 60 - Video #17 - Homemade Fungicide

Cathy Harris, Speaker, Author, Coach
P.O. Box 19282
Austin, TX 78760
(512) 909-7365


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