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Breathing Life Back Into My Garden for the Second Time This Growing Season

Breathing Life Back Into My Garden for the Second Time This Growing Season
Aug. 2, 2018
The thing about growing a crop – one minute your plants might be thriving and because of lack of water, too much rain, too many pests, etc., your crop can die off on you in a minute, especially if you don’t keep a watchful eye on it.
None of us can be with our crops 24/7, even though we would like to. Two weeks after celebrating my “One Year Gardening Journey” ( and three weeks after I successfully cleared a black fungus from my garden that I probably got from buying a batch of infected compost tea at a gardening center, by using a “Homemade Fungicide” ( -- my 3 raised beds has suffered yet another major dilemma.
I went out of town for 4 days to a family reunion and came back to a garden that has almost dried up and stop producing. My cherry tomatoes have stopped producing.
The 4 rows of Swiss Chard were turning yellow instead of gr…

My Big Gardening Dilemma

My Big Gardening Dilemma - Growing Swiss Chard

Hey guys I am growing too much foods in my backyard with 3 raised bed gardens. I grow this much Swiss Chard every week. Both the freezers in our 2 refrigerators are full.
None of my friends eat organic foods so hopefully this mobile vendor at can take some of this food off my hand. This is such an awesome idea for a mobile online farmer's market.
I thought about going to a farmer's market, but at 61, it would have been too much work to grow and sell the foods. If I can get my mate to move the shed out back, next year I will grow even more green foods to sell to this online vendor. Again, what a wonderful idea and anyone can set up these types of organic venues.

Cathy Harris, Speaker, Author, Coach, CEO, President & Publisher P.O. Box 19282 Austin, TX 78760 (512) 909-7365 Websites: www.BlackWome…

Beware of Snakes in Your Garden

Beware of Snakes in Your Garden
About a month ago I was standing 5 ft. away from a curled up 6 ft. Western Diamond-backed Rattlesnake ...when I was watering my 3 raised beds. It had eaten a rat and was just laying against one of the beds. The next week my neighbor saw the same type of snake in her yard. This snake was in the top 10 most poisonous snake in the world and it's in my backyard in Austin, TX. What can kill snakes besides Dr. T's Snake-A-Way? Someone told me they don't like lavender. Is that true? Do anyone know anything else you can kill snakes with besides Dr. T's Snake-A-Way?

60 Day Spring Garden Update - April 19-June 19, 2018

Fight to Save Your Garden

FIGHT TO SAVE YOUR GARDEN July 7, 2018 Hey everyone, I am Cathy Harris, a Speaker, Author and Coach, from Austin, TX and at 61 I recently embarked on an idea to show my audience in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s that they too could grow their own foods in their backyards.
I have been growing foods for one year and now I am a “Gardening Coach”. I recently almost lost my entire garden, 3 raised beds, to a fungus that I believe I got from buying ‘ready-made’ Compost Tea from a gardening center so in the future I will make my own Compost Tea. All my foods, Swiss Chard, Peppers, Cucumbers, Spinach, Watermelons, Cantaloupes and Honeydew Melons, except for the Tomatoes and the Sweet Potatoe Slips, were grown from seeds and I do this to avoid diseases because many transplants that you buy might also have a disease on it. I see so many people online being discouraged and even throwing out their plants when they get a disease, but check out what I did to save my garden on the video below: Green Thumb…

How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods

Green Thumb at 60: How I Started My Gardening Journey With Raised Beds and Pots and Containers by Cathy Harris (available as an e-book and paperback) E-book

How Will You Stay Motivated To Keep Growing Foods
Most of you saw 'first-hand' in my gardening journey, what I did to stay motivated and to become a successful gardener such as: Got Family Involved: If you truly want to get motivated and stay motivated while growing foods, get others around you involved. You can do this with family members, friends and neighbors.Got Mentor: I did not only attend regular, local FREE natural gardening center meetings and classes, the instructors there, both a man and woman, served as my mentor.Started My Own Garden Club: I started my own garden club "Cathy Harris Garden Club"( and laid out every step aspiring gardeners could take by writing articles and selecting quality videos.Released a New Gardening Book: I launched an entire food gro…